yami_neko_tsuki (yami_neko_tsuki) wrote,

Dum de dum.

Honestly, still not really sure what I should use this thing for, but some people might be interested to know that I've been playing World of Warcraft for the past few months. Right now I'm mostly just playing three characters, Elathil (51 belf lock) and Antonis (14? Paladin) on Undermine, and Isilneth (14? belf Hunter).

. . . Obviously I like playing Blood Elves. XD Though honestly, it's more because the only other female Horde model I even remotely like is Tauren, and I didn't feel like slouching all day. Probably gonna make a Druid later though. Shapeshiftin's fun.

I've also almost run out of reason to play Wajas. Got all the custom Divines I needed for my personal goal, and the only difficult part left (other than getting all the CWP) is finding an Earth token, or that breed changer that was mentioned months ago actually being made into existence.

So yeah. Not gonna end up completing that. Ever. -_-
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